Release and Strengthen Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3545

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Amanda and Vivian  thanky ou for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the workout
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Ive only just discovered you Niedra and I'm absolutely in love.   My hip flexors have been over stimulated with so much work and teaching.   I broke down into tears while rolling the ball into my glutes.   It triggered something!   I feel incredible after your wonderful teaching and I cant wait to use some of this practice on clients.    I cant wait to discover more   Thank you 
Gillian I am thrilled you enjoyed this type of work. You can enjoy more of the same intensively if you did the 10 day unravel your body challenge. Here on PA.  it covers the whole body.
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Awesome class. Have sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This workout took the pain completely away. I feel I have new hips!
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