Reformer Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3552

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Wonderful and thank you! Loved armpits to waist and to look for the hollow. This is one of the most difficult things to teach for me as I find it the hardest connection for most people to make. Will incorporate several of these cues with my clients this week. The head rest was up during bridging...I have been taught to always keep it down..any comments? Also plank was shown on the footbar but then done on the platform. I felt more comfortable myself on the footbar. I love your energy and laughter throughout! Thanks again
Jennifer thank you for your post. I agree that the lat connection is difficult for women to understand and apply.
Regarding the variations: remember that ultimately the purpose of ALL exercise is the effect on the individual body. Yes, there are traditional ways to teach and perform exercises, but the ultimate goal is getting the body connected up and functioning intelligently in life - not on a machine... I say this as I personally like to explore variations ( planks) and have found, at times that I could get more juice out of a different interpretation for an exercise. Bridging with headrest up or down , is not a big deal ( for me personally) it is not messing up a neck - most clients are way too stiff and their head is already forward so head rest up is supporting where they live. Enjoy it all and always think for yourself.
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Thanks a lot for this fabulous Class!
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Hi Niedra! I hope this note finds you and your dear ones well. THIS has to be one of my all time favorite reformer sessions! I see that my last note to you about this amazing class was a year ago! tsk tsk tsk... MUST revisit this class MORE! So grateful for you and your vibrant and fun teaching style! Your love for the method always shines through. Take care, Niedra!
Thank you Rena how lovely to read your comment. I just looked at your bio and you are such a devoted pilates student. Bravo, it is a way of life.
Thank you, Niedra! I appreciate your note. Pilates truly is a way of life!!! I love your classes. Keep doing what you do! 
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