Stabilizing Mat
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3632

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A roast indeed! I almost skipped this one but so glad I did not. Excellent movements, many I've never done before but so good. Great cueing for a real confidence-building workout!
Excellent excellent excellent!!
Wow! Love your juicy cues, pieces of silence, sequence, everything!
loved all of it! Thank you Marimba and gratulations to the victory in becoming the next PA-Teacher! I am happy, because I voted for you :) This was so well set up and the sequences clear but fun and new! More please!
Well done! Great class!
Super class. Using the mat for curl ups was very helpful. Loved the external hip rotation in side lying
Hi Marimba, Thank you for a wonderful & clearly articulated class! I find the 'widening & flattening' cue very effective for ab stabilization. I usually cue the TA to narrow between the ASIS, drawing in & up. Can you explain why the 'wide & flat' cue works so well, when the muscle fibers are actually narrowing? Thank you!
Thank you for a great class. I agree with all the positive comments here. I also loved all the attention to alignment, and the setup for the forearm plank. Thanks!
I got so much out of this class! Thank you Marimba.
Doing this class again and getting more from it, can I ask why in side lying and side bends you ask us to press leg/ foot into mat???? Muscle activation??? Thanks
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