Clean and Simple Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3686

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Love your class once again Amy. Thank you !
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Thank you, Amy. Exquisite cueing!
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Thank you so much! This was a great class and I adore your teaching style! Your cues are clear and concise and encouraging.
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Loved this class - great pacing and great instructions 
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Hi Amy!!! pretty nice class, I've enjoyed a lot all the exercises, but, when you do the last block, the exercises that are similar to a stomach massage series, how many spring are you on? and how do you do to not slide on the reformer? my bottom just goes backwards all the time without a sticky pad!
thank you for your time!
Judit Hi.... I was on two cords for that exercise and to not slide... and without a sticky pad -- use your hands to hold onto the carriage edge and use your butt, a lot!!!  
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I love your attention to detail and the perfect cuing and counting so I don’t have to constantly loom at my iPad to see what you’re doing! Thank you!
Love your classes Amy. Always offer a challenge. Perfect cues. Look forward to checking out your new classes.
thank you so much Jennifer and Janie Flemming !  
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I wasn’t feeling 100% and this was just the tonic! Thank you! Great classes as always!
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