Pelvis Power Reformer
Christi Idavoy
Class 3712

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Thank you christy for your beautiful way of communicating. Great video, mindful explanations and wonderful instructions. Still on my high from training with you last week, so glad I got to bring you into my living room today to remind me how incredible this work is. Feel more think less ! The light in me honors the light within you, pure vida ;)
Amazing as always Christi!!!!! 

Great class Christi. My back is like a "brand" new. I'm pleased to know that I'll be able to add some of these exercises into my mat class tonight. 
Thank you Christi and PA for this great video and for sharing content where expansion rather than contraction is used. I love the ideas to work towards inversions - will try them in my classes - Thank you and looking forward to more videos from Christi!
Thank you Christi for a surprisingly challenging class! I assume I really needed this due to all the shaking!
Great class,  I feel more grounded and level . . . Thanks!
Wow! So interesting! I really enjoyed this exploration, thank you!

I have bad hip pain and am always game for a class like this! Thanks! I have a tower/reformer combo and I used the roll down bar in the bridge/thigh stretch sequence. Fun mod for anyone to try!
Great class again thank you Christie, hips and back feel free and released, strengthened as well. I love your cues and explanations. Fabulous and easy to follow, calming and lovely flow.
Thank you! I love your class and learned a great deal from this video! 
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