Pelvis Power Reformer
Christi Idavoy
Class 3712

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Having just been injected for year long sciatica, this was excellent in the pelvic reset and particularly the traction on the ball! Thank you!
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Can anyone make recommendations for what to put the forearms on if I don’t have a Moon Box & the rails feel very wide for the shoulders/arms? Thanks in advance!
Laurel N Thanks for watching!  If your wrists and shoulders are stable and comfortable you can place your hands, rather than your forearms, on the floor.  The idea is to bring the floor up, so anything you can stack up (big books, encyclopedias, yellow pages lol) will work.  Let us know how it goes!

Thank you very much Christi, I enjoyed and loved your workout.You mentioned the spiral in the underleg while the weight travels from big toe to little toe during the rising and dropping, it felt much more naturally then keep the weight in the whole forefeet/ten toes!
Christi your understanding of the body is so inspiring. Wow, I unlocked some parts of myself with that class, after a 1000km drive last week I was so out of kilter and although the class pushed me sometimes it was always to find my centre and a clearer pathway of communication through my body and mind.
Wow that was flipping awesome - opened my back so much! Also been having an issue with my right big toe for years this addressed that weakness - so good and innovative- where did you get this info from? I’m wondering thanks! 
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