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Always great to re visit this class - awesome releases
I felt amazing afterwards, my body felt like it was literally going to "melt" into the floor.  I had to pause the video a couple of times just so I could make sure I had the foam roller in the correct place and to catch up. Thank You :~)
Ahhhh, I feel great after taking this class! This is one I keep coming back to. I love the entire thing from start to finish, and my body always feels re-connected, open, and ready for the day.
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I love the work but and I’ll check out more of your instruction but the tempo of your voice is a few beats too fast for me and while the cuing is good the pace of your voice is very distracting. Maybe fewer words? 
I’m appreciating the gliding shearing and rinsing exercises. Taking my time to feel the biotensity of each exercise! Thanks 😊
This was a good class, except i had to play the video at 0.75x speed, as it was WAY too fast, and was difficult to understand or keep up with when played at normal speed, so not really a "deliberate pace" unless you slow it down. once slowed however, it did feel good.
For those of you who felt this was way too fast, too much talking, not at a good pace, remember, this was ONE introduction class and we did our best to jam pack as much content as we could to give you all a little taste of the method. if you really want to learn MELT, you want to embody the practice, we do a 7-day free trial on our streaming platform called MELT on Demand. there's over 180 videos already there and each week, a new one appears to refine your practice. The goal of this video was to get you all to try all 4Rs and see, if in just one session, using the right tools you could sense a change in your tissues. If you did, regardless of the pace and lots of cueing, you're already recognizing how fluid your system is. If I ever have time to return, I'll give you all a slower, less content dense class so you can see how the practice is done in real time. Enjoy!
I LOVE your MELT Method Sue and I get that you are trying to impart as much knowledge and information as possible in a very short time.  SO  appreciated by us instructors.  I love this class and just keep coming back to it.  My Clients LOVE Melt Method also x
This is amazing, this is class is one of the best discoveries in this new year, I feel great, thanks Sue you are like the light at the end of the tunnel.. 
Profound!  Want to get certified now.   Thank you!
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