Day 10: Put it All Together
Courtney Miller
Class 3928

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Fab! thanks for the challenge
This was one of the most challenging workout I followed and I really enjoyed it at the same time. I will definitely go back to it to get stronger! Thanks Courtney! 
Thanks Courtney. I really enjoyed everyday workouts. You rock! 
WOW WOW WOW thank you for this challenge! Absolutely loved it, feel great and I actually feel like doing it all again!
Thank you so much for this fun series for busy people! I keep going round and round, I love it! 
Thank you SO much for this challenge Courtney!  So doable and fun in 15 minutes!  Will definitely be doing this AGAIN!
This was so great! I hope you make another program like this. The 15-20 minute work outs are perfect for a busy schedule, and I love the full-body approach.
Thanks Courtney, this is a great sequence, we are back in stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne and have decided to do this every weekday - (longer classes on the weekend) This is a great way to ground myself in this strange time !
I have done this challenge multiple times and I usually skip this one because it's a discouraging end to what is otherwise a great challenge. Just so many exercises that don't align with my body. So as always, I respect my body, and modify. 
Thank you Courtney! I had so much fun. In my lockdown little world!
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