Day 10: Put it All Together<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3928

Day 10: Put it All Together
Courtney Miller
Class 3928

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Excellent 10 days ☀️👍🇩🇰
Susan T
Glad to the finish the challenge. I did think that day 10 was a big jump in terms of level, with almost no modifications. This could put true beginners off. 
Julia S
I really appreciate the modifications you make.  This was a great challenge!
 Thanks Courtney,  will definitely be doing this again.
Marie Silva
What a programme, Courtney Miller ! I had given up for a few weeks and came back stronger getting to the finish line this time. It was a wonderful challenge! thanks a lot
I loved the challenge; definitely will be repeated; thank you so much
Whoaaa! What a 10 days… it was challenging 😀 Thank you for this challenge!!!
That was an amazing 10 day challenge! So effective. Day 10 was, in my opinion, a Level 3 class (I'm a BASI trained instructor) but I just did 2/3 of the reps. Thanks, Courtney!
What a great challenge!  I am taking my laptop on a trip soon and this will be a great 20 minute start to each day and got me to break a sweat each day!  Eight day trip, so I'll have to finish the last 2 again at home.  Perfect quick full body day-starter.
Colin G
Great challenge. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.
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