Get Up, Stand Up!<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4116

Get Up, Stand Up!
Amy Havens
Class 4116

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Wow, the connection with my body, you and the community plus the challenges, fabulous session and loving the brain cueing! Thank you so much Amy xx
Margo W
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THanks.  SO badly needed with so much Zoom and computers.  Fantastic total body workout and great for posture.  What an adorable guest star!  If the pooch a doodle- seems smaller- perfect size, or a smaller poodle?
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Beautiful messages & a wonderful class! Thanks, Amy!
Julie Lloyd
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I love your classes, and your doggie is just gorgeous. Thank you so much Amy, you are awesome xx

Luana N
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I feel so much more aligned and centred after this class. Thank you Amy! 
Libby K
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I feel fabulous after this class Amy.  It's such a great counter to all the sitting and computer work I've been doing.  And I loved the wisdom in your cues... like regaining 'balance' during COVID ... and how this comes from inside out ...  These were great tips for a support group I'm facilitating (what a bonus from a pilates workout!).  I'm really enjoying all the elements of your style: creativity, clarity, build and heart.  Plus a gorgeous dog! 
Thank you all so much Janet Terrip88* Cynthia Kerry Kelly Cigdem Joan Bee !!
Thank you Bonnie Lina Melissa Margo Chelsie Julie Luana Libby !!
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I am so grateful for your classes. They are such a gift to me as a teacher and for my own practice helping me to grow. Thank you 🙏🏽
Chuhang G
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Great workout! Love the creative combination of magic circle and Thera band!
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