Beginner Series #3
Niedra Gabriel
Class 426

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Another awesome class - just enough progression building on the first two to come away more accomplished and leaving me wanting more. See you tomorrow for Lesson 4!!
I really enjoyed this class, although I find it quite challenging.
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I really like Niedra and am going to go through this whole beginners series with her. It would have been helpful if she wasn't out of the camera range when demonstrating some of the exercises.
Thank you Poppy for letting me know about staying in the camera. I tend to forget... I will see what I can do to stay on top of this.
Happy Holidays
Even with you being out of camera it gives me the chance to really listen to what you are saying and pay attention to the details of what the position should look like. Working my core and my listening skills. I LOVE IT
Great workout loved it!!!
I'm a beginner teacher, so this is great for me to be able to see how you build a class from the fundamentals. I love how you encourage everyone to work at their own pace. It's very beneficial for me to see how you build the Roll Up from the Roll Back. I love his series... so informative!!
Very nice class, excellent instructor. Loved it. Thank you very much.
Hi Carla from Portugal, thank you for your post. So glad you enjoyed the class - I am also an avid yoga person, and love coffee, so we have a lot in common.
I love how the classes are getting harder! It challenges out bodies and minds in a right way. I finally was able to do the teaser and I was so happy! It was just like Niedra said I was just trying to do and I flew right on to my legs always using the powerhouse!
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