Reformer Jump Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 439

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Brilliant class! Love all the variations and being able to work all on one spring. Fab cueing and energy : )
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great workout. loved it!!
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Wonderful class. This was my first class with Tracey and can't wait to find more! I really need cardio as it's too cold outside and I'm not moving enough. This class got my heart rate up and I could do all the moves! Win Win!
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I need more jump classes like this! Excellent cues, great variety, and lots of challenges. I didn't have my green spring on so I used red and yellow.  For some exercises, I had to remove the yellow so I have work to improve. Thanks for a fun and motivating class. 
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So glad I came across this class!  I’m feeling a nice glow and my bones feel stronger already.  Thanks Tracey
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Great workout. Just when you think you are done jumping..there is MORE!
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Most enjoyed jumpboard class ever xxxxxxx
Loved it! Thanks Tracey
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