Presence on The Mat
James Crader
Class 4448

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Good morning, James! This class reminded me that the difference betweeen opennes and closedness (if that even is a word) is a choice - which brought about an almost giddy sense of freedom! What a blissful way to start a day. Love this series. Thank you!
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Wow Thats Amazing! Ive only watched it but really looking forward to actually do this class
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thank you for this class. It made me realize the rigidity in my body and mind. You have a wonderful of showing people how to move without judgement. 
Anna E Thank you! And what a beautiful description of your experience. I appreciate it!
Ilja Thank you! Please report back on how the class lands with you once you've had the chance to play within it ... I'd love to hear what (if anything) shifts for you from watching to embodying.
Martina E What a remarkable takeaway! Thank you. I appreciate your very kind comment. 
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Hi James it was great to feel happy and flowing during your class. It certainly evokes the senses. 
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I am recuperating from elbow surgery so a lot of this I couldn’t manage but I loved it. I mean this as a compliment and hope you will take it as such: You are the ( young) Mr. Rogers of Pilates/ movement! 
Gaylene W Glad you enjoyed your time with me!
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Julia T Thank you! I take that as a HUGE compliment and you'll likely see said compliment in future marketing. HAHA!
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