Reformer On The Mat
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4460

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wonderful class great cues on sucking in abs rounding low back instead of pelvis really feel sweaty and all my muscles great class
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totally great!
Cheryl Z Yes and yes I'm so glad you felt the 'burn' on the right areas and that you were able to separate the two, which is challenging well done you! 
Karin C Thanks for your kind feedback I'm delighted to know you enjoyed! 
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Thanks, I absolutely loved that. It was challenging, but the cues were so clear, I knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Creative and challenging
Kelly O Oh thanks for you kind words, delighted you understood my intensions well done you! 
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I don't have a reformer and really enjoyed this chance to experience some of the reformer work! The class was so engaging and challenging. My towel was sticking so I switched to a foam roller and that worked great (and reminded me of some work Cecile Bankston does in another class.) Thanks!
Susannah R Susannah R thank you so much for your positive feedback, I'm delighted to know you enjoy and felt the work in the your body.  

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