Root and Recover
Jason Williams
Class 4551

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Maryam you’re welcome 🙏🏾😃
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What a lovely class Jason, thank you so much!!! Really enjoyed appreciate you and your great energy 
Carla R you’re welcome!! Glad you enjoyed class.  Thank you🙏🏾😃
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A good sign of a great class -- you lose track of time.  Where did 40 minutes go?  Straight into breath and relaxation.
Allison O love this!! Time flys when you’re having fun 😃🙏🏾
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Thank you Jason for such a great class. I really loved your energy and the inclusion of reiki.  I can't wait to try your other classes.
Sam F thank you so much! Glad you like these classes 🙏🏾😁
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Another great class
Lyn G thank you! 🙏🏾😃
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Beautiful class for my super tight hips. I can feel my energy flowing through my body again. Loved it and will tune in to the remaining 7 classes. Thanks!
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