Reformer with a Twist
Amy Havens
Class 4632

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That was a great class!  I love the different variations.  I teach so much myself and rarely have time to take a class for me.  I am "glowing"!  A bonus was a little wolf spider that spun down to my back from the ceiling on the last move.  I was so calm that I didn't freak out!  Lol!
really good class with lots of original and challenging exercises!! love it!!
super class
Loved this class.  Thanks so much.  
Loved this class. New twist on traditional  exercises. 
Wonderful class. Some really small movements with big stretch payoffs.  I appreciate all of the variations you do to hit muscles in a different way and to keep classes exciting. I hope there are a bunch of new equipment classes coming from you.  Thanks Amy!
Thank you so much Amy!

My hips feel great after that class. Loved the footwork hip work right into legs in straps. 
Loved this class! I’ve already taught to a few students and they enjoyed as well. The hip stretches were intense, but welcomed. Thank you. 
Creative sequence with clear instructions.  Nice to see a different way to use the reformer for extensive hip work.  
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