Inside Bone Health
Rebekah Rotstein
Workshop 577

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Hello, I cannot get Chapter 2 to upload. Chapter one keeps uploading instead! Chapter 3 all loads easily. Please could you help me with this problem - I am desperate to watch
Chapter 2 - as soon as possible. Thank-you, Linda.
Linda ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with Chapter 2. I just tried all 3 chapters and they worked for me. I recommend restarting your computer/device to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
me gustaría obtener este taller pero no esta en español,podria sber cuando estar disponible la traducción?
Sonia ~ Desafortunadamente no tenemos planes para traducir este taller en este momento, pero esperamos hacerlo en el futuro.
Lo siento Sonia - me encantaria verlo en español tambien! Abrazos, Rebekah
Thanks for great lecture Rebecca. I still have a question: is roll up an absolute no-no? After all I'm unloading my spine. Or could I modify this to a roll up in extention (arms in T position, pressing the heels of my hands onto floor and squeezing shoulder blades together, kind of using my back muscles to come up and actively lifting breastbone away from floo, looking up while doing this? Looking forward to hear from you with many thanks Eva
Great Workshop it will help me with my 50 and above clients. Thanks
Hi, This workshop looks great.
Do you know if this workshop is already pre approved for Stott CECs. Many thanks,
Annette ~ I believe STOTT Pilates has approved some of our workshops for CECs, but I'm not sure which ones. I recommend contacting them directly to see if they will accept this workshop before you purchase it.
Hi there, Can I get a proof of attendance cert when I do this workshop? And can you get proof of attendance for all workshops from this site, whether they're Premium or not premum? Many thanks Annette
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