with Courtney Miller (Beginner)

with Courtney Miller (Beginner)

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This is a great challenge! Thanks so much Courtney :)
Christine C
Loving this challenge, Courtney :) Thank you!
Vicky S
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I love this mix of fitness and pilates. If you've got a limited time to exercise, this approach really ticks all the boxes.  Thanks Courtney
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I just finished this challenge. For the first time since a knee injury last fall, I was able to go into a full child’s pose. I don’t know if it was the stretches or the strengthening, but I am grateful. Plus it was a fun challenge. Not as difficult as Tracey Mallets booty barre challenge which I have done several times and love/hate. 
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Thanks so much for filming this challenge, Courtney!  I LOVE that I now have a rotation of HIIT classes to do a few days a week, interspersed with other exercise.  I know I won’t be bored or simply doing the same things over and over and risk overuse injury.   This will keep things fresh for both my mind and body. Thanks again.
Sherene B
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I loved this challenge. Are there more like this?
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enjoyed this and looking forward to the rest of the challenge, also must say you are looking great Courtney 
Magda P
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Dear Courtney, thank you very much for this hard, but amazing challenge that made me feel stronger and in more control of my body. Looking forward to more like this🙂
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I love everything about this challenge. Unlike a typical HIIT, it wasn't stressful to my joints. Great integration of pilates + HIIT. Please do more videos like this challenge!
Karen Schultz N
Amazing, hard and awesome challenge - thanks :)
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