with Courtney Miller (Beginner)

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love it!!
Great challenge, just loving it!
Really enjoying the challenge!  Thanks 
Love this challenge, no excuses 20 min and done! Thanks Courtney
HI ! Does someone knows if it is pregnancy safe ? (my 2nd) I'm on beginning trimester 2 healthy low risk pregnancy and also professional figure skater so I'm used to fitness and pilates. I will do some modifications of course when needed. Thanks!
Paule S ~ I recommend checking with your doctor to make sure that this would be safe for you. We also have classes that are specifically designed for pregnancy if you are interested in those as well. You can find those here. I hope this helps!
I love the combination of HIIT and Pilates and fitness . Really feeling it ! Thanks Courtney
Love this challenges 10 days workout from Courtney.  Though the timing are short each day, but it is powerful and focus.   Hope to have this 10 days challenges conduct by you again.... well done :)  
Thanks Courtney 
That’s my second challenge finished through this site.
Really enjoyed this one, a few muscles that got a surprise over the last few days.
Really easy to listen to and follow
Big thanks 🙏 
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