with Courtney Miller (Beginner)

with Courtney Miller (Beginner)

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Thanks so much for this challenge, it is the part of my day I look forward to the most in locked down London
Natalie H
Hi Courtney! Do you have any suggestions for a HIIT exercise to replace a few of the lunge/squat options that are easy on the knees? Thank you! Loving this!
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Natalie How about alternate knee raises?
Week 5 isolation - Thanks for this challenge - great isolated exercise and HIIT - completed challenge - now lets see if I can better myself 2nd time around
Only up to Day 9.... like so  many of the above comments I am really enjoying these short bursts of HIIT. You keep it creative and time just flies. Thanks Courtney!
Great program, fabulous start to the day...thank you for an inventive, creative combination
Courtney, have loved this challenge and am on my third round.  Would love for you to do another challenge, really enjoy your classes.  
Lynn L
Loving this challenge! So glad I found it, just what I needed!
This Challenge is so amazing. I’m so glad I found it, I will do these classes often. 
Fantastic job 
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