with Carrie Pages (Beginner)

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I loved the transitioning from the back to side in the first set of abs
Please CANCEL my booking!
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Hi Carrie, these classes are amazing! Looking forward to the next 6!
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I love this challenge!
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After completing this challenge, my heart is so full. What a wonderful program and Carrie, you are a delight.  I laughed and caught myself clenching my jaw at times when things got tough, but I’m so proud for finishing. I am so excited to do the challenge again. ✨❤️
Thank you, was fantastic, see you for the next challenge 💪🏻
Thank you for this incredible series! Loved all of the workouts
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Challenge completed together with my sixteen years old daughter. We had so much fun!!🙏
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Really enjoyed the challenge! Wasn't able to get to it every day but I got up from each class feeling great! Thanks for a fun series Carrie!
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