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Just completed - took  11 days.  What a great challenge and a fun way to get back into Pilates again! I haven't done Pilates regularly due to some injuries and I had to modify a lot of the exercises, but I plan to take a day off and then do it again!!  
How much fun...I had more fun watching you laugh at yourself..thank you 
It was refreshing fun and amazingly perfect combinations..
Carrie...it was perfect. I have been teaching for over 4 decades now. We have similar teaching styles...and I really loved the challenge...its nice to take classes and that's one reason why I like Pilate's anytime...I continue to learn as I do...
Thank you Carrie!  Your enthusiasm is contagious, cues are excellent and the challenge was definitely  difficult but worth it.  I look forward to joining you in other Pilates Anytime videos.
Hi Carrie :) I'm new here. This program popped up on my recommended list; is it suitable for pregnancy? I'm nearing the end of my second trimester, the last time I did pilates was *cough* 6 months ago. 
Hurt my neck doing the first day felt too fast not sure I’m staying with this site
Hi Phuli C, I'm sorry you hurt your neck. It's important to find the right pace and class level for you. Please email us at support@pilatesanytime.com for some recommendations. 
Thank you Carrie this was a great way to start the new year!
Whooha, like to be challenged! Thanks Carrie!
Thank you so much for your positive energy and motivation, Carrie! I feel great and accomplished!!!!
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