Pre and Postnatal Pilates
Leah Stewart
Workshop 794

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How can I purchase these special workshops?
Since I am already a member!
Thanks ???
Nursin ~ You can purchase any of our workshops by clicking the "Buy Now" button at the top of the workshop's page. Once you purchase a workshop, you will always have access to it, even if you are not a member. I hope this helps!
Hi aganin Julie, Thanks for the info, I was trying through an app. I have got the video now, this is awesome. I have an other question, is there any way that I can have the handles by e-mail? , so I can follow the class easily? That would be perfect to have them. Thanks a lot. My email
Leah Stewart dear Leah, if I buy this workshop, is it enough to start teaching my prenatal clients? no need to take more workshops?
Leah Stewart Thank you for the fab workshop. Im totally satisfy with my purchase. I have one post-natal client and this class help me a lot.I love the last part most ;) when your cute son jumped to the class.

Just one question. Where the people can buy your pre-post natal DVD online?

Thank you
Does this workshop qualify for CEC's?
Jen ~ Unfortunately this workshop does not include CECs. Here is a list of all of our workshops with CECs. I hope this helps!
Thank you so much Leah Stewart for a wonderful workshop! Not forgetting to mention your beautiful pre-postnatal classes here on PA. Such helpful, great, valuable and useful information and modifications. It's for sure going to help me a lot with my work with my pre- and postnatal clients (and as you said also elderly, obese, clients with disc-problems and so on). It definitely cleared up questions and concerns I had. Feeling excited to get to work!
Thank you Leah and Pilates Anytime!
Hi Leah! Thank you so much for this thoughtful and informative workshop. It was exactly what I was looking for! I'm interested in continuing my pre/postnatal Pilates education and signing up for one of your in person workshops. Where can I find more information about them?
Thank you Leah Stewart ! This workshop has set me up to feel ready and also excited to work with my pre/postnatal clients. I was nervous and stressed when pre/postnatal women showed up in my group classes due to not having been pregnant yet but now I am so excited to teach them these modifications and come up with a few more of my own! I too am interested in continuing my pre/postnatal Pilates education with you in a in Person workshop. Would love to know when you will be teaching one!
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