Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 1061

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I must say that it is tricky to remember to do everything you intend while filming a class. I had planned to explain the alternative to the box and honestly thought that I did. After reviewing the class, I realize I did not. Sorry about that. To modify the box exercise, kneel with knees very close to edge of reformer carriage and have your bottom close to feet. Try to keep low back from rounding throughtout the exercise! Thanks for watching.
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Thank you for a lovely class
I enjoyed this class for the morning "waking up the spine". I'm also a beginner, and found the instruction very helpful.
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Sarah, I love your classes. You're cues are perfect and perfectly timed!
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My Reformerhas short and long straps. Being a "newbie," I wasn't sure which ones to use. Nice pace, pleasant voice, clear instructions. Thank you.
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Great basic class with super cues!
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Brilliant cues--so simple and helpful. Just wonderful. Thanks!
That is a brilliant class. Thank you.
An excellent class for the fundamentals.
Lovely class. Loved the queing for the single let work where you described how to activate the core by lifting the ribs. Perfect!
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