Mat Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 2498

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Love it!
This did so much to mobilize mdy thoracic spine. I love the imagery of the pelvis and upper spine rotating around the femoral and humeral heads. Thank you very much.
Yes! I've found the perfect morning routine for me. As a Pilates teacher part time but desk based worker for the 'mortgage job' (at the moment) this was very good. Thanks so much Brent - this really opened out my hips and I also introduced a quad stretch lying down after the swan sequence which helped a lot. Great work. Thanks from the UK;)
If the sitting position whilst doing the mermaid is a problem is it okay to do the exercise seated with legs straight in front or is there a better alternative? Thanks 😊
Thank you Brent.... the perfect class to help thé body moving to start a really good day!!!! Let’s enjoy the movement !!!😉
for a level 1 class there could have been more specific instruction. Also having the instructor show how the movements are done is helpful.
I loved the ankle and toe flexions. They felt amazing.
I feel really good after this short yet effectively sequenced routine. Thank you!
Great session, thank you so much. I've not done any pilates for quite some time and this was the perfect reintroduction 😊
I love this class!! Sometimes when I do these movements, my neck and shoulders tense up. What could be causing this?  It’s not a particular position, but I tend to walk away from the practice with neck (occipital junction/and where scalenes connect to shoulders) tightness. 
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