Functional Reformer 2
Tom McCook
Class 3630

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Great class!  I love the way you incorporate the Franklin Method — I so enjoy and am inspired by your classes.  Thank you!
Hello Tom, I am home on a voluntary quarantine and I went over the  reformer classes and decided to do yours first because you have a way of teaching that calms  and we really need that right now.
Hi Sabrina, I'm grateful to hear you found the support you need now through the class. Sending you my very best, be safe, keeping using your practice to center yourself and to support you through this time. We will get through this!
Great. Lass love the calm energy and great cueing and always cuing which color springs!
Oops I meant great class!
I love the way you treach Tom, it feels just wonderful. I love the connection with feet and hits! Great class, thank you so much🙏🏼
Dear Carine and Jennifer,
Thank you for your great feedback and happy you’re “feeling” the benefits! Sending good vibes!
Excellent class!  The directions are very clear to follow.  
Thank you Frith! Many thanks for your feedback, I'm happy to hear it was satisfying for you
I found this gem and its so perfect, extra bonus is jump board time! Hope to see you back soon!
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