Expansion and Stretch
Gia Calhoun
Class 4328

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This is a good class for me to get back on my reformer. The cues for headrest and springs are helpful. My reformer had 4 red springs and one yellow. Not sure how that compares to your reformer. 
Mary R ~ I'm so glad that you've found these cues helpful! I recommend trying different options to see what you like best! For most of the class, you can use what I did, but you can try substituting the blue for the yellow (which will make it a little lighter than what I used) or you can substitute it for a red (which will make it a bit heavier). You'll know pretty quickly if something feels off. Let me know how it goes for you!
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Nice to hear the ocean in the background! 
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Loving your series.  30 minutes is something I can work into my daily schedule and this series is covering 360 degrees around the body. Thanks 
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Enjoyed this class. I was not sure I heard the spring load but I made it comfortable for me.  I could do all the exercises and felt the stretch/openness from this workout.  Nice to have this class for a day when I'm short on time. 
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This felt great after a bike ride. Thank you for this stretchy session. Love the 30 min classes! 
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Really enjoying your classes. Your cueing is excellent. It’s helped me with my form. Thank you
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Fabulous stretch when you have only half an hour to. You feel perfectly ready to start your day. Love it!
So glad that you're all enjoying this class! Thank you so much!
Great quick full body workout, loving this series, thanks Gia!
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