Expansion and Stretch<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 4328

Expansion and Stretch
Gia Calhoun
Class 4328

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Cass H
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Loved this!  have always wondered in short spine why do you have to lift spine/legs until you reach the stopper?  Some of my clients can't hit the stopper.
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Cass H ~ Thank you so much! For Short Spine, they might not be able to reach the stopper due to tight hamstrings or a tight low back. If this is a struggle for them, they can also do the more traditional version that doesn't bring the carriage all the way in. It requires a lot of strength from the powerhouse but it is very effective! Also, it will still allow them to get the benefit of the stretch on the way down. I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have more questions!
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Thank you for this lovely class. I appreciate the calm energy and very easy-to-follow cues. I'm going to try more of your classes because this one really resonated with me. 
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I love your 30 minute series Già. You’re so calm and precise. More please☺️
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Loved it!  Thank you.
Best way to start the day! Thank You!
I really appreciate the series! Thank so much :) 
Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
Kayla B
Great classical flow. I wouldn’t consider this an advanced class though.
Gianna  A
Such a solid class, great flow and strength mixed together. Thank you! 
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