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Pilates After Trauma

This space is designed to provide healing for those who are grappling with the aftermath of grief, trauma, and other significant life events. You will find a variety of videos that have been lovingly crafted by our instructors to guide you through reclaiming your body and independence, accepting strategies to recondition muscles, and instill a sense of inner strength. By emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with yourself, you will be able to foster a journey towards personal healing.

Reclaim and Recover

If you are recovering from a traumatic injury or event, such as surgery, disease, or life event you can reclaim your body, independence, and personal healing with these various classes by Adrianne Crawford. Re-condition your muscles so that you feel stronger throughout your entire body, and re-connect with yourself to move towards healing.

Grief Connections

Join Leah Stewart as she creates space for you to explore the connection between movement and grief. Through a series of Tutorials and Mat classes, Leah welcomes you in to hear her personal story, and engage with movement in a way that promote internal and external healing.

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