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Now that you have committed to the next phase of your recovery, you can follow Adrianne's tips to help you stay consistent with your practice. She tells you what you will need for these classes and how you can find substitutes with items you may already have at home. She also reminds you that it will be a slow progression but if you keep up with your practice, you will begin to see improvement.
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Mar 28, 2019
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Welcome to my platas for trauma. I'm so excited that you've committed to the next phase of your recovery. And now I'd like to offer you some tips for success. Tip Number One, now that you're home, you want to make sure that you've gotten clearance from your physician to exercise. Second tip is to make sure that you commit to the time and the place. This is really important so that you can keep the consistency going and really see those differences change change in your body.

Something else to remember is that these expectations that we put upon ourselves when we go into exercising, it's really an important, especially the transition from hospital to home that is not going to be the same. And it's really important to understand that these are, this is a slow progression and something that has to continue on a daily basis. So I've designed these exercises in short, 30 minutes videos. And if you've committed that place, that dedicated place as well as the time of 30 minutes to be able to do that on a consistent basis, you will see improvements. So next I'd like to talk about props. What we have here is we have a small towel, a large towel, like a beach towel, a box, a small ball, a large ball, some weights and a theraband. As far as the weights go, they can be two pound or one pound, and if you don't have to have weights, don't go running out and buying them. You don't have to, you can use anything like a can of tuna. That's, that's the right kind of consistency you would want for the weights.

As far as the theraband. If you don't have a therapist, that too, you can improvise and use the top as the ball. It can be any kind of a ball. You can use a soccer ball, basketball, whatever you happen to have volleyball. Maybe take a little of the air out of it and then it'll be just as mushy. It doesn't, not too much shoe, but just enough to give it a little squeeze. Um, and the towels, you could also use just a pillow if you didn't want to use the towel as far as the box, you can do that. Um, it's actually okay to use any kind of box, really just we're going to put our feet on top of it. It's to help level your knees with your hips. And then lastly, the ball that's a little bit trickier to improvise with.

You can find those at most athletic stores. And the last tip I have is grabbing a partner because we're going to be doing some partner work in some of these videos and it will be good to have that second person to help you do them. You'll need that. And not only that, it'll help keep your commitment going and keep the excitement and energy in it. Feel free to reach out to me. I'd be happy to hear from you and right back, let's get started.


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