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Pilates After Trauma

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Join Adrianne Crawford in her new series that will help you commit to your recovery and muscle re-conditioning after a significant injury. She uses her background as a Pilates teacher and registered nurse to teach gentle movements that will strengthen your entire body so that you feel capable and strong. When you are consistent with your recovery, you will see how small improvements can make a huge impact on your everyday life.
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Mar 28, 2019
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[inaudible]. Hi, I'm majoring Crawford and I'm a Claudius instructor. Here at is anytime. I'm also a registered nurse. I'm excited to be bringing you the series of videos and challenge you to commit to your recovery and muscle reconditioning. I've designed these videos to assist those recovering from significant injuries such as surgery, disease, or trauma, and around 30 minutes a day, you'll feel more energized, capable, and strong as we focus on plots, these exercises that work on your core lakes, shoulders and arms, and you will see how the littlest improvements can make big differences in your everyday life and overall quality of life together.

Let's reclaim your body and independence.


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I’m very happy to see a program for this! Although I’m doing well now, I deal with RA and over the past few years had a few injuries (calf tear, ankle and knee injury and plantar fasciitis). I searched the site and found classes to help me address some of my issues, but I think it’s wonderful to have an actual program to address some injuries. Thanks!
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I've been away from Pilates for a few months because of injuries to my shoulders. Today I decided to return to the website and see what classes I could find to help me slowly return to pilates. Your course was the first one that I saw, I guess it was meant to be:). Starting this morning, going slow, and very excited to return to my favorite form of exercise. Thank you for designing this course.
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Delighted this programme is available. I'm working with several clients post trauma so this is ideal, thank you!
Hi, I sustained an injury few months ago and stopped teaching pilates. Because of the injury (i lifted something very heavy), my spine became a bit Kyphotic (my vertebrae are a bit compressed - thoracic) and chronic spasms/tension in my QL, erecti spinae, some deep muscles, shortened psoas and my ribcage is stiff, thus my mobility in the mid-section is limited. My joints are ok. Would this program be of benefit to me? Thank you
Kathy~ Thank you for your comment. I do think this program would be of benefit to you. It's a gentle way to get you moving and works well with injuries. I would also recommend checking out our Back Care Program.

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