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Deborah Lessen worked with Carola Trier both as a student and as a teacher in Carola's studio. In this video, Deborah shares what she learned from her mentor. Carola had a sequence that she would give all her clients, unless they had a specific need that required something different. Her goal was always to work the entire body, so she would integrate whole body work into their program as soon as it was appropriate. Because Carola had a great respect for Joseph Pilates, she was always made the distinction of what was his work and what she created.
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Oct 09, 2013
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The exercises you are going to see, you would see on any day at Carola's studio. The Pilates repertoire is vast, but Carola had a sequence that she followed for all of the clients unless they had very specific problems that required a different program. Of course there were modifications, additions, deletions, and according to the individual's needs, if there was not an existing Pilates exercise that solved a particular problem, Carola would invent her own protocol. So for instance, she had a number of clients who had rotator cuff injuries and she came up with her own set of exercises for those clients. But even those who came with pretty serious problems, the goal was always to strengthen the area that was injured or weak and immediately integrate into full body exercise.

The focus always is on full body exercise. Carola had the utmost love, respect, and admiration for Mr Pilates. She followed his lead meticulously and would readily disclose any variation she made to any of his exercises to all of the teachers so that we knew what was Mr Pilates and what was Carola's. It's the Head Harness, the Ped-O-Pole, the Breathasizer, the Toe and Finger Correctors, but all of those were in the studio and used when appropriate for the client. Dance being Carola's first love, she developed wonderful variations of existing exercises for the dancers and many, many new ones.

I hope you see through the exercises, the scope and intensity of a workout at the Carola Trier studio.


I am blessed to learn from Deborah Lesson in Munich! it was a great workshop that opened my eyes for deeper understanding of the technique! thank you!

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