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Reformer Sequences

30 min - Tutorial


Get a glimpse of Carola Trier's sequencing on the Reformer Deborah Lessen, a student and teacher of Carola's shares the cues that Carola used and variations of different exercises that she would often give to dancers in the studio. Carola believed that doing your Footwork should be like taking a brisk walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Some of the variations that Deborah shares are Carola's variations on the Teaser, Arabesque, Cleopatra, and much more.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Absolutely beautiful to watch! Thank you!
Thank you for beautiful demonstration and very clear description!
Thank you !! I love it.
Just beautiful!!
Thank you, woderful class. I love, love it
Very concise voice over. Excellent technique on the reformer. Thank you.
Loved this simple and fluid demo. Definitely a wow!
Thank you! Beautuful, super-clear, useful!
I enjoyed Deborah very much in Tucson this year. It was wonderful to learn more about Corolla and see Yuko move so beautifully. Thank you Deborah.
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