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Carola's Cadillac

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In this Special, Jillian Hessel shows us the Cadillac that was passed down to her by her mentor, Carola Trier. This Cadillac was built for Carola under Joseph Pilates' supervision when she opened her own studio in 1960. Jillian shows us features that are different from current models of the Cadillac including the original Trapeze Bar, and solid brass Push Through Bar, and more. What a treat it is to see this piece of history!
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Mar 12, 2014
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In this episode, Julian Hassell talks about Corolla Tree Years Cadillac, which she had shipped from Corolla Studio in New York to her own studio in southern California in the late 1980s take a look. H...

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Thank you for sharing! What you said about the clips attaching to the springs and how it changes the resistance makes so much sense!
Thank you Jiliian: so cool to see and hear about the differences of old to new. Makes sense and in some ways those older differences should maybe be brought back to the new equipment, like the two bars where you have the roll down bar. So very useful. Thanks :)
Thanks jillian, very interesting indeed. Nice how you had Carola's cadi remodeled. Again thanks for sharing. @ kristi. This was a great idea to have jillian talk about carola's cadi. Ps i also found interesting the push thru bar spring and loop info.
The toilet brass!!??? Sounds about right to me!

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