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Theraband Exercises

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Amy Havens gives a quick demonstration of different ways to use the Theraband. She tells you about the different strengths of the bands and shows how you can use them to stretch and mobilize your feet. These are great tools to use to wake up your feet after they have been in shoes all day.
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Hi everyone. So today I'm going to do a very short little uh, discussion about the theraband or dyna band or elastic band that you might see in your health club or your physical therapy studio or in your plotty studio. And if you're not really sure what these are, they come in different strengths and resistances. This is probably considered a medium resistance. There are a lot of ways we can use these therabands, uh, shoulder strengthening, hip strengthening, all kinds of things. But I'm going to give you one, just one real simple thing and it's going to be for your feet and a great way to stretch and mobilize your feet and strengthen your feet. So I'm going to just take my band and put it right across the ball of my foot and I've got a little edge to it at the top. So my toes, uh, it's not this way.

So you want to have a cup above your toes and just sit comfortably, you know, hold onto the theraband pretty close to your ankle and without, um, lifting your heel off the floor, keep your heel down, just push into it or press into it. You wanna spread the ball of the foot and press in. So again, this is w maybe you've been at work all day and your feet are tired. This is a great way to kind of re wake up your feet or stretch them. Uh, if you've been on the airplane and your feet are kind of congested into shoes and the pressure in the cabin and your feet feel tight and your shoe pack a theraband in your bag and you can do some really easy foot strengthening or foot, uh, relief type of things. And all I'm doing is just pushing into it with the ball of the foot to extend the top of the ankle and toes and then pulling the toes back the opposite way and reaching through the heel. You can do up to five to 10 times of those, maybe more if you want. And then just do a sweeping action and you can come in toward your center and out. Sometimes people call us the waving foot, so you're going away.

We are foot and then make a circle and go in both directions. Again, you can go five to 10 circles, uh, for people who might have parents that are getting older. This is great to give your aging parents some really nice ways to keep their feet mobile and let them know that they're doing some good exercise for themselves. They don't have to do all a lot. I'm going to do my other foot real quick. We'll just turn the other way. And so again, we're just going to push through the ball of the foot and extend out through your toes and pull your toes back and reach through your heel and push the ball of the foot and extend through your toes and toes and through the heel. A couple more other uses for the theraband you may see, or like I said for some arms and shoulders for hip strengthening.

And if you go onto the piles anytime website, you're going to see all kinds of classes that utilize the thera-band in various ways. So take advantage of taking a look at the website for more information and for more ideas. I'm going to finish three circles one direction, and this is just one of many things you can do with the theraband. This one is slightly focused on the feet and there we go. Till next time. Thank you.


Thanx :) awesome stretching after a day running errands and a super cool warm up for footwork.
Thanks as always Yugonda!
I really like this simply little workout!
This is a good therapy for someone with Diabetes. Thanks :)
I will use it in my Senior fitness class.
Hi Suzette, thank you.....and thank you for mentioning that these exercises are good for those with Diabetes. Seniors do love these foot exercises and I think everyone should do these a few times a week, but especially our older folks who tend to lose mobility and strength down in the lower, lower extremities. Plus, it feels good! :)
simple & clever
Thank you !
Thank you Amy. These ideas will be especially great for my senior clients and straight forward for them to practise at home.
Yes....seniors and anyone needing more attention to their feet! Thanks for taking the time to comment!
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Thanks Amy! Great way to give our feet some attention they deserve :) thanks.
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