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Kathy Grant Abdominals

30 min - Tutorial


In this tutorial, Maria Earle shows some of the abdominal work that she learned from her teacher, Kathy Grant. She reviews Kathy's Song which was taught in Cara Reeser's method, Before the Hundred, and then goes into deep core work with exercises like Laterals, Side Push Ups, and "Rotisserie Chicken." Maria also tells us that Kathy wanted to make sure you were organized in your body before you started doing big movements so many of these movements are very small.
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel, Overball

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Jun 23, 2014
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She talk toooo muchhhh
As a studio owner, it is helpful to hear how Kathy's studio worked. I also like the terms used for cueing. I especially like the paint brush eyes and rotisserie chicken. This is a great warm up and body organizing tutorial.
Hi Eloisa! I know I talked way to much!!! I was so incredibly nervous about presenting this work. Kathy was a genius and so intuitive. She never talked so much while she taught! Mostly it was up to us to figure it all out and make it our own. Don't let my blabbing on and on keep you from doing the exercises.
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Maria, your dialog is quite perfect. i am a studio owner, and certified pilates practitioner. Most often, its not about just a move. Its about breaking the choreography apart to find and discover the best way to use the muscles to create the move. Creating connection that makes choreography look effortless. For every client we teach. Watching how the body reacts to cues is amazing. I decided to view this video because I watch the videography of kathy. Tuning into your class clarified lots for me. I saw Kathy's students holding balls. I decided to use that idea in my next day's classes. The first thing I noticed??? Full arm engagement. Every muscle in my student's' arm popped with length and engagement. I am glad to hear your clarification of why Kathy used the balls held in hands!!! I loved the history you presented of Kathy, your smile, and your cues. Blabbing is GREAT! Lol! Listening to it is how we grow as instructors. Going DEEPER in the work. Thanks so much!
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Was very nice and very helpfull, thanks!!!!
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I LOVED this! Thank you so much:)
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I agree with Mary! ^^

I think there is a lot of subtlety that would be totally lost without your very clear explanations and descriptions of the movement. Further, I love hearing your stories about working with Kathy any her wonderful use of cues. Bravo!!
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Maria was one of the teacher trainers during my training in 1999-2001... I love her!
Hardcore indeed. I really liked the emphasis on small movements because when I tried some of these movements, I could target the parts that were warming. I loved it also.
Love it!
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