Tutorial #1880

Spine Corrector Abdominals

25 min - Tutorial


"Get your song on" in Cara Reeser's tutorial designed to show how her mentor, Kathy Grant, advanced her students using the Spine Corrector. Cara starts by reviewing Kathy's Song and Ball Breathing, which help you start your practice on the inside so you are ready for the tough exercises to come. These exercises include Barrel Sit Ups, Laterals, "Rotisserie Chicken," and more!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Mat, Ankle Weights, Small Tennis Ball, Overball

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Oct 13, 2014
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Wonderful, love watching this series!
Great review Cara! Thank You!
Great reminders of using breath with this work. Kathy would be so happy.
This is wonderful!!
I always wanted to work with Kathy now I have a little more insight into her thinking. I'm going to have trouble ball breathing but I'll give it a try (I try to relax by letting my stomach move out as my diaphragm moves down on a inhale). Thanks Cara
thank you Cara!
The 'ball' cue is fantastic ! Thank you so much for sharing !
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Cara, YOU ARE SO DELIGHTFUL!! It is so impressive to see and hear you teach! Thanks PA for giving us inspiriting tutorials like this, - I feel blessed!
why the humming on the way back down?
The vocalization has to do with diaphragmatic and breath control. It could be humming or singing or talking it all works the same to help control the mechanics of breathing. I hope this helps.
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