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Workshop #1774

The First Time Client

1 hr 55 min - Workshop


Take the journey alongside real life new clients with Pilates pioneer Alycea Ungaro. In this workshop, Alycea walks you through two different new client sessions sharing her logic and strategies for success along the way. You'll enjoy this rare opportunity to observe one of the most experienced teachers and studio owners in the business, teaching a new client successfully. Best of all you are sure to go back to your studio with the tools and logic to do the same.


- Learn new strategies for success during two different new client sessions

- Find out how you can make an impact on a new client so they will want to return for another session

- See how the demeanor and movements of a client can change in just one session by communicating with them in a way they understand

What You'll Need: High Chair, Mat, Cadillac, Reformer, Mixed Equipment

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Oct 10, 2014
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Hello folks. So we're here today for our workshop. Um, and what we're going to be doing is taking two first timers, never done [inaudible], uh, through first time session. Um, t...

Continuing Education Credits

If you complete this workshop, you will earn:

3.0 credits from Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

The PMA is a professional association and certifying agency for the Pilates industry.


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A meaty workshop! The essence of Pilates Revealed.... and don't we take the advanced student back to basics and their response is often recognition of the method. Fun and useful this Pilates Method, yes!
Really wonderful workshop. Thank you to Alycea for letting us get in her head to understand her approach. Her willingness to share with us (from such a vulnerable place, no doubt?) speaks volumes about her leadership, professionalism and commitment to the integrity of Pilates. My thanks also to the amazing new students for allowing us to watch them in action. This workshop is a great reminder to me that I have so much to learn from my students. I love that!
Thank you Alycea and Pilates Anytime for offering this workshop. As a new instructor teaching mostly first time clients, understanding the psychology and technicality of the decision making process in creating the initial session is invaluable to me. Thank you so much for sharing that!
Thank you ladies. I didn't realize what I'd suggested as a workshop would be such a profound experience. I really believe this workshop reinvigorated me for another 20 years of Pilates teaching. Watching a single 55 minute experience affect the two women was rewarding and thrilling. I often say the best part of teaching is getting to the "a-ha" moment for your client. You can really see it happen here.
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Thank you so very much - this is a seminar I will watch over and over again! I love that both clients left feeling like rock stars - the gift of Pilates given by a Masterful teacher!
This teacher is one of my very favorites! Dynamic, full of passion and watching her always makes me want to become a better teacher. This was very clever to bring in new clients and allow us to observe because just like Alycea said, once you start your practice you really don't get to go back and observe sessions like this with new clients. More workshops from Alycea Ungaro...would be awesome. Thank you!
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Alycea is brilliant in working with new students, getting them to work hard and find their bodies, in an uplifting and encouriging way. I love how this workshop reminds teachers that we are not looking for perfection on a students first session. She cleverly demonstrates how to pair downthe details and cuing in order to get a new student to move. Just fabulous!!
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Really nice to see a master teaching working with the normal type of student we teach in our own studios. So useful to watch. Could you give the class ID's of any other classes where the PA instructors are working with people new to pilates, or with physical challenges that require an on the spot variations without affecting the flow of the group. Such a high proportion of classes here at PA seem to be Pilates teachers teaching other Pilates teachers :(
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DS6 ~ Here are some workshops and classes that have an instructor working with a new student: Workshop 2380, Class 2320, and Class 2306. You can also search "first session" in our search bar to find additional classes and workshops. I hope this helps!
Very worthwhile! I've reviewed it more than once!
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