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Madeline Black is a leader of movement and exercise education, and she has been a source of education for the Pilates community. She is known for integrating movement science, osteopathic theory, manual therapy, and energy work. She can now add author to her list of credentials.

In her book Centered, Madeline Black offers an interdisciplinary approach to physical training, combining the newest advances in science, and integrating the movement systems of Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic® and other fitness disciplines. Centered clearly describes the complex connections of the musculature, fascia and joints and their implications for movement re-education and healing. It weaves science and philosophy bringing meaning to function versus structure and body dysfunction.

This richly illustrated book offers Pilates instructors the education and practice to advance their work to become movement practitioners, learning to fully grasp biomechanics and information on posture and its dysfunction to sufficiently implement changes for clients.

To purchase this book, you can go to Madeline's website or to the publisher's site.
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Oct 26, 2015
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Kristi, I love the interviews you do! They are always so interesting.
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Very lovely talk, - great questions and informative answers. I cannot wait to get the book!
Can't wait to get the book, and hopefully one day get to take a Madeline Black workshop. :)
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I'm having trouble using the QR codes found in the book. Can you give instructions so that I can download the videos? Thanks and Happy New Year!
Barbara ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with the QR codes. Once you have access to the workshop, you should be able to stream each chapter either by scanning the QR code, or going directly to the workshop to watch it. Our downloading feature is not available for workshops with chapters right now, so you will only be able to stream it with an internet connection. Please email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com if you have any questions.
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Centered is an amazing tool. Love it and love the author - thanks to the both of you:)

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