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Back Release Part Two

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After a request to see back release techniques without equipment, Rebekah Rotstein has created a follow up to her original tutorial on Back Release Techniques. She teaches the Buff Bones® Limb Reach, which allows you to stretch fascial connections on the entire lateral line of the body as well as through the iliopsoas. This will help to restore the gliding potential in the areas where you may be stuck.
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Feb 28, 2016
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Hello, I'm Rebecca Rotstein and I'm going to give you a second back tutorial. Today I had created one and a past visit that was using equipment and there was a request from an instructor online saying that I'd like to see something that would offer the same type of benefit, but if I don't have any equipment at my disposal, so this is for you. I started thinking and coming up with some similar release techniques and then I realized that the best one that I know of is something that I've been using in my disposal for many years now, and it's actually part of our buff bone system. I call it the limb reach, so the idea is to stretch the fascial connections and restore the gliding potential that might be adhered or stuck in certain areas. Amy is going to demonstrate for me, she's going to start by sliding one foot out in front of her, lying on her back, and then the other arm's going to go in the opposite direction. It's really, really simple, very basic.

She's flexing through the foot and she's going to push through her heel at the same time. She's reaching through her hand as she takes a breath in, no holding whatsoever, and exhale and again, inhale, you'll notice that there's a lengthening that occurs throughout the waistline here and exhale. And again, I also like to give her a little tactile feedback of something to push into. So it could even be the wall. It's really assistive, uh, to have that kind of sensation and release. So wherever the tightness is, it's going to manifest in this stretch. So even though the symptoms might be low back pain or discomfort in the back, when you do this stretch, the client or yourself is going to feel immediately where the restriction exists or resides. Because stretch your foot out. Again, I'd be feel the tightness here in the hip. That's an indication. If you feel the tightness here in the waistline and indication, you might feel the tightness here around the shoulder, yet another indication.

So it's an a, a stretch for the entire lateral line of Fascia. But I consider this lateral line or chain to not just end here at the armpit. I consider it to integrate the Fascia around the Terry's major. And through that whole shoulder complex going all the way into the fingers. So there might even be a nerve stretch that occurs as well. On the owner side, they're coming all the way back. And so that is our limb reach.

And I have a funny story about this actually that a patient from a a sports medicine doctor had been referred to me a couple of years ago, uh, for low back pain. We do this exercise along with a couple others. I gave this to her as part of her home practice to do so. All that she did for the next week, she comes back and she says, you know what, I don't need to even see you anymore because this healed me. I said, well there's probably some other things that would be helpful to you for strengthening and such, but this is such an effective exercise and I do encourage you to try it, try it on both sides and also try it several times on one side before you switch sides so that that will promote some of the gliding of the Fascia and any kind of adherence that might be occurring. And then go onto the other side. So don't just alternate sides. So it will also restore some of the movement that might need to occur, might have stopped occurring. That should be happening around the hip, around the, the Lumbar, uh, for sets area, also perhaps around the sacred ILIAC joint.

So that is my limb reach exercise. And this is our tutorial, our second tutorial for back discomfort. Thank you.

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Lovely! Thank you. Do you think it's best to work with the more challenging side first?
Thank you for this....perfect timing - my right SI joint is very cranky today-what about opposite arm and leg?
Wonderful! Have just the lady to try this on!
Thank you!
Great!!! Thank you!!
Nikki D
Tried this last night on a client about to run a marathon - he had been struggling to release tension on the roller and this worked wonderfully for him. Thank you!
Hi Rebekah , thank you for sharing this . I will be trying this tomorrow in my pure stretch class and my Pilates class . I tried it myself , how effective it is . Thank you .
Karin H
Thank you Rebekah! I tried this with my client who has occasional low back pain and she joyously felt the release!! She is thrilled. What are your guidelines on how many times to practice a day??
Fabulous. Rebekah, you are amazing!! This feels great for my clients yet even better for me. With two legs at slightly different lengths, it provides a much needed lengthening from the hip. Delicious!
I loved, I will try today with a new client💋💋, congratulations you are really good teacher, you use clear cues and because English is not my natural language, I am really enjoying your classes.👏👏🌹
Thank you Rebekah, that really does feel great. Can i just ask...when we lengthen through the sides, are we strongly connecting and staying in neutral spine position.
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