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Good Running Techniques

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Running is one of the most natural forms of movement for humans. Juan Nieto explains how more people are beginning to enjoy the benefits of running, however many of them are getting injured. In his workshop, Runity, you will learn good running techniques and new ways to make changes through Pilates and running exercises.
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Jul 29, 2016
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You know, Ron in is uh, one of the most natural forms of locomotion for the human being. We are here and we've conquered the world as said species because we run and we run very well. ...

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I would love to practice a program like that! Do we find it here? I mean, is it available here ai "Pilates Anytime" ???
Claudia ~ We have the workshop, Runity, Pilates for Runners on the site. I hope you enjoy it!
Beginner at Pilates

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