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Running is one of the most natural forms of movement for humans. Juan Nieto explains how more people are beginning to enjoy the benefits of running, however many of them are getting injured. In his workshop, Runity, you will learn good running techniques and new ways to make changes through Pilates and running exercises.
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Jul 29, 2016
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You know, Ron in is uh, one of the most natural forms of locomotion for the human being. We are here and we've conquered the world as said species because we run and we run very well. We ran long, long distances in a, in a very good way, in a very efficient way. Um, we are very good at sweating humans in the last decade there are 70% more runners. So there are many people that are starting to feel and enjoying the benefits or running, but at the same time, 20 to 80% of them, they are getting injured. So now we know that first our lifestyle and second the way we run and the way we start to run is the main causes of injury because we are designed to run. So with this workshop you're going to learn how to run properly. What is the, what are the fundamentals of a good running technique and also how to create changes in your clients, in your runners through the exercise and run in a specific exercises.

One of the things we do on one of the tools that is more powerful for us is the use of video analysis, video analysis. Give us first the specific of what we see in the real world, uh, in a frame by frame situation. So we, uh, reduce our own stakes and at the same times it give us a feedback, feedback for the runner so the runner can understand what is going on in the way they run. And actually it's very interesting to see the comparison between the beginning and the after. And the runner is very motivated to, uh, after feeling the changes that, that creates, uh, with the Pladis exercise and the on the run and exercises. In this workshop, you'll see an amazing transformation of a runner through our coaching system. But we want you to do is to learn the basics of this coaching process. And you can apply to yourself as a runner or to your clients.

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I would love to practice a program like that! Do we find it here? I mean, is it available here ai "Pilates Anytime" ???
Claudia ~ We have the workshop, Runity, Pilates for Runners on the site. I hope you enjoy it!
Vea C
Beginner at Pilates
Joan M
Disappointed to discover this has a paywall.

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