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In this latest segment from Lesley Logan's Profitable Pilates Playlist, you'll get an overview of how to market yourself and your studio in ways that build your network and find the clients you want to work with. Lesley explains how you can use your website along with other forms of marketing to help your business flourish.
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Apr 26, 2017
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Unless a Logan, and let's talk more about marketing yourself or your studio. Let's talk first about doing it in person. This is the most cost effective way you can do it in the beginning. You can walk around your neighborhood, your community, and talk about who you are, whom you're for, and where does you do this? It's really easy and simple.

So first you should articulate who are you as applied as instructor. Figure out who you like to teach and know where they can find you. And then when you go to the different businesses that are in your same Pilati studio area and introduce yourself simply as walking into their store and saying, hi, I'm an applies instructor down the street. Have you been to [inaudible] studio wanting to invite you and come check it out? You can do these things over and over and over again in your neighborhood, within your community.

The other thing you can do is find events that are in line with the types of clients who like to work with. Go to them and network and tell all these people who you are and what you do and how they can take sessions with you. It's just a really nice way to have control over meeting all the different people who could be your future clients and in the beginning when you don't have a full business, this is a really good way to make use of your time because again, you can sit there online and try to find clients, but the truth is they're out there and you should go where they are. Your website is actually a 24 seven assistant for you. In fact, probably the cheapest assisted you'll ever buy, even if $1,500 or $2,000 sounds like a lot of money for a website. Just think how much an assistant would cost when you're sleeping, when you're teaching, when you're out networking in your community, your website is out there telling everyone again who you are and what you do, how they can set up a session for you.

So it's really important that your website actually says these things. I can't tell you how many plots websites I've been to that took all that LaPlata as is, but not all about [inaudible] with the, with the teacher. So look at your website cause it actually tell them about [inaudible] or does it tell them about Claudia's with you. What can they expect when they take a session with you? What does that gonna feel like? What does that look like?

Forget the palatium jargon and all the different things that we use. The selling point, that stuff doesn't work. Who are you as a teacher? How are you going to help them with their fitness goals and their pilates embodies needs? Tell them these things and then also make sure it's very clear exactly how they can set up a session with you. Don't make it hard to find. It's really simple. They just want to be able to email or call or text you right then and there.

It's 11 o'clock at night and they want [inaudible] tomorrow. You might not be able to teach them tomorrow, but can they contact you? Is there a way to send that email to you so that when you're up at your working day and you look at your email, you can go, oh, this person wants a session and you can simply get them scheduled. It's just very important that people are easily able to access what you have to offer, especially if they're like, this is a teacher for me. Social Media, let's talk about it. It is here to stay. It is its own beast and some of us love it and some of us hate it and do you need to use it? Yes and no. Right?

Knowing who your clients are and how they like to interact with you is important and understanding what social media channels you need to use. That being said, knowing who your clients are going to be in the future is also important because they might actually be on those social channels now. You don't need to be on all of them and I recommend that you don't pick the ones that first your clients are already using or the clients that you want to have are using. Then make sure that you're there and you're consistently there. So that means you don't have to live on these channels, but you don't get to tweet once and then check back in six months and see what happened.

So scheduled times in your schedule of when you're going to interact on social media and be consistent about it. That way people who are interacting with you, who stumble upon these social channels can see that you're alive in this channel is alive. And an example of this you can do is Facebook does have this awesome option called Facebook pages and so you could have a group or a page where people can find your studio even without finding your website. So it's a really good option to have. It's a free situation, but you don't own any of that information. And so that's why your website is really great. However, if you're putting content on there that drives everyone back to your website, then if people decided to use Facebook as a search engine and they stumble upon your [inaudible] business, then they can go back to your website and learn more about you and contact you directly there. If you decide to have other social channels. Again, just be sure that you're very clear and consistent with who you are and what you have to offer and how they can get in touch with you.

If you're going to have a personal Facebook page or personal Twitter, make sure that people aren't finding those so that they're not being distracted by the other things that you have. You have a Palladio's one or a personal one or that you're just consistent either way. You don't want people to get confused on is she a pilates instructor, is she a surf instructor? What is happening over here right now? Pick one that works best and be consistent with it. And again, your website has all this information about who you are and what you have to offer. Your social channels can have the exact same, same, same information. So it's a consistent message to the person who's looking to find you and potentially hire you.

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