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You Graduated, Now What?

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What do you do once you have finished your Pilates teacher training? In this tutorial, Lesley Logan covers the options you have for teaching and what you need to have ready when you start teaching. She shares the pros and cons of each option and she offers basic marketing tips that you can use to begin to fill up your schedule. After watching the video, print out the handout below to help keep you on track for building your business.

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Apr 05, 2017
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Hi, I'm Lisa Logan and this course you've graduated. Now what we'll cover all the things that you need to have ready, where you can work, how to build your business and continue...

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Thank you for the encouragement. I have my first "real" (not family or inner social circle) client tomorrow and Chapter 5 really resonated with me. I'll keep your words in mind.
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Jodi Thank you so much for watching! I hope your first "real" client session went well. I am sure you did amazing! There is more to come in this series so stay tuned. xx~LL
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Loving this, Lesley Logan :)
YAY! That's so great to hear Andrea thank you for watching and stay tuned for more! xx~LL
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Thanks Lesley!! I agree what you said Especially.... when clients become natural advertising by not noticed because .... how much change from inside out after they started pilates .... and people around them ...asked....then .... clients ....said "pilates and our name " .....that is keep happening to our studio.... and definitely yes !!....help me to more confident about pilates...it is like circles momentum šŸ˜Š
Wanvisa thank you so much for watching! It's great to see you here too! I hope you like the next tutorials xx~LL
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Lesley, I read your very clear, concise and valuable book many moons ago and am thrilled to see you here sharing it inperson! Excellent and sinple info...there is nothing like that human touch and word of mouth. Thank you!!!
Myriam Kane wow! First thank you for reading my book and for coming back for more info here at PA!! I agree, that is nothing like word of mouth. It's the best compliment to what we do as teachers. xx~LL
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I love your tutorials, very informative and very helpful..Thank you Lesley! Looking forward to seeing more from you
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Sue thank you so much! Another one dropped today so I hope you enjoy it as well xx~LL

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