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In part four of Diane Severino's series, The Turning of the Back, she combines the two concepts from the previous tutorials during the Mermaid. She starts by breaking down the exercise, then moves into a nice flow so you can see the movement in action. She also demonstrates how you can keep the lift in your torso while you move so you can maintain your posture and elegance.
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May 21, 2017
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Hi, on the continuing series, we did a of the tutorials where I showed you a thank you for watching the churn of the back. Okay. And the turn of the hip. We're combining the two in the next exercise that most of you are familiar with the mermaid. All right, let's break it down. This is a low bar. Gonna have you shoulder down. The hand is in line with the side of the body, shoulder back. So we're combining what? Just learn.

The palm is up, the hip is down with square will pulled up both cheeks, Sudan. There's something in that palm of the hand, so you have some weight onto the left. Nice clean hands. As you tilt over, you keep the space between the ear and the shoulder over your head. Your arm is over your ear, assuming your head's in line. All right, let's come up and just do that. Hold something in there. Make it proud.

See how that lift happens there. All right, now we're holding that. What's gonna make me face the bar? Uh Huh. The hip is going to change the direction of my chores. So c now as we come in, you're even twisting around your spine more. You keep that twist as you push out. It doesn't look like it's twisted, but it is this slight angle back this way.

Now how am I going to get that hand back over my head? I'm going to put down my hip. See that? That changes the direction of my torso. Now I come up, I'm gonna scoot a little for machine's a little the first time. All right, let's try that again. Wait that arm lift to go over. See that nice space between the ear and the shoulder.

The hip changes the direction. As I'm pulling in, I'm twisting. I'm still keeping that twist that hit this push forward. Now I'm pressing it down. The body has to follow the torso in the hip.

Alright, we'll do it in temple. Twist, the hip and body twist. And I'm going to tell you in a minute to oh, see that stretch. Keep that shoulder down so you have to watch to as you come in [inaudible] even if you're very flexible, this collapsed. This can happen. All right? It's okay. No, it's not. No. If you are on that angle and twist it around, you cannot collapse. All right, let me show you that again without the collapse. I'm here. Hips down.

I change. I keep spiraling that hips phone, that hip stays down and come up and two twist. Come and up. The stem mate can twist. Oh attitude. Alright. Other side. Good. That was good. Alright. Adjust your knee where it has to be. I realized on this machine, I have to be a little closer, but I like a nice big spread.

Sent yourself here on hips. Yeah, towards the back shoulder. Wait something in that hand so you can feel that. Pull up up into a nice lanes movement. Here the hip turns you the turn of the back, the turn of the back. Here's your hip. Get it down. Don't hide your face and oh wow. To go over hip twist, pull up, pull up, pull up hip jam.

It does feel different this way. Proud back spiral. Don't collapse. Don't collapse. Oh, change the back. It makes sense, doesn't it? And Oh, pull in and out.

Who read tuna hip hold. Watch this top on, that it doesn't collapse and hide your face to the camera. Always pretend the camera's on you. Oh, one more out. Woo. So happy. I could still deal with this. Oh, fucked up. Up, up, up and change the leg. Yeah, man, that's so marvelous too. Cause you know when we were doing a lot of movements where we go side either on the spine corrector or we're holding the bar.

Oh yeah, yeah. Not, you know what I mean? [inaudible] that image of not letting the arm collapse or hide from the camera, that is how you do with kids.

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I love you!!
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Ok....you are beautiful💜! This was so refreshing! I've always loved all Mermaid variations; this was delightful! ️Thankyou!
Help! I have been trying without success to watch this. It won't play.
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Never mind!
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Love this mermaid and the turning hip to move the arm, thank you!
Me encanta !!!
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This is wonderful... thank you!
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Love this....delish! thank you
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Classy lady :)
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