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Short Box Fundamentals

15 min - Tutorial


Look at a small piece of the Reformer repertoire in this tutorial by Debora Kolwey. She breaks down the fundamental movements of the Short Box Series so you can see the progression of skills that will lead you to larger and more full-bodied movements. She also shows how each exercises naturally leads into the next to create a seamless flow.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Jun 18, 2017
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Hi Debora, thank you for your sharing of the Short Box Fundamentals. I am going to practice this series tomorrow in the studio. Thank you for reminding the connections from the feet up. I am going to keep coming back to review this video for self practice and teaching. xIris :)
Thank you Debora! I love these Fundamental Tutorials. They always provide new "threads" to weave into my workouts. What an insightful teacher you are!!!
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Brilliant Debora. It blows me away how you always bring me deeper into the exercises and into my body. Thank you!
Deborah you always being so much insight into this work, and help us make sense of it all. Love your teaching. Thank you.
I enjoyed this very much. Short box has always puzzled me a little.I found it difficult to teach and do my self. This really helped clarify the series. It makes more sense now! Off to try it out!
Thank you Debora!
I love pilates when it is pilates
as this class.
Thanks for helping to break these down and make them much clearer and yes even fun!
Beautiful explanations for these progressions. Thank you!
Great cueing, thank you for opening up a whole new dimension of the short box series for me, Debora. Useful also for a variety of Mat exercises.
Thank You Deborah. The way you teach the fundamentals is so valuable & sits right into my brain & body.

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