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It's exciting when you get new clients and fill your schedule, but you also have to remember to take time for yourself so you don't burnout. In this quick tutorial, Lesley Logan shares what she does to optimize her schedule so she can do what makes her happy in addition to teaching Pilates. She also talks about whose feedback and criticism you should take to heart so you don't overwork trying to please everyone.

If you would like to learn more tips about taking time for yourself, you can read Lesley's blog.
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Sep 15, 2017
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Hi, I'm Leslie Logan and I'm excited to talk to you about self care. Um, when I first became a Palladio's instructor, it was something that I became very aware of really quickly. It's easy to say yes to teaching and you can end up over teaching or teaching every day. And it's exciting when people want what you've got, but you also have to take time for yourself cause that's what also got you into the business and why people want to be around you. And how I made sure that I could take care of myself first, uh, was actually to figure out exactly why I became a teacher, what I wanted to do with my teaching career and also what I want to do with my whole personal life. And I took my goals and I took my why for doing any of it and I took a look at a whole blank calendar and I made sure that all of my stuff, it went into the calendar first. So my plots practice is super important for self care. Um, it really keeps me inspired to teach and be creative is just investigating things in my body. So my plotting sessions, one of the calendar, first my yoga sessions with my husband are our time together that we get to share something.

So those go in the calendar and then other things that are just really important to me all in the calendar first. And then what was left was actually how I decided what I was going to teach. And that was really, um, hard for me in the beginning because it's like, well, who wants to take a session at three o'clock in the afternoon? But if you want to take a session with me, that's what I've got. And it's really amazing now that I get to work my schedule the way I want, I have all the things in my calendar that I want and it really makes it easy for me to go have lunch with friends when I want to and know that I got my Pilati session and before I have to teach a long day. Um, it makes sense to go to the spa sometimes and take care of myself in that way.

And I find it really important to take a moment and just ditch the phone and ditch the computer and not worry about the clients and lay in a spa and get pampered myself. So I probably do that every couple of months and it gets in the calendar every time I leave the spot. So I never forget that it's there. Um, I also feel that in the world we live in today, it's extremely important that you know, whose opinions of you matter, because especially when you're in social media, um, everything you put out there is going to be judged in some way and it can be really easy to fall into the trap of, Oh, I didn't get enough likes on that or I got tons of likes on that and let that determine how you feel about yourself. Um, you know, cause it's all feedback and I found, um, that it was really important that I got clear with who of my friends or even just people in my life who could give me tips, um, that were both complimentary and also good constructive criticism, uh, so that I didn't pay attention to how many likes something got or how many dislike something got. I paid attention to the feedback from those people that mattered to me most. Um, I also told those people, you know, or have told them when you tell me something, it's really important to me if you, if you think this is a good thing or not a good thing, it matters. Um, because they know what my goals are and it can be really easy to let the likes and people who are like your amazing dictate the route you go. But that route might not be why you got into the business in the first place. And I think we've all seen what happens to people when they have too many yes men around them. I think it's really important to have some people who tell you, you know, you should say that word better. Um, or, uh, that didn't quite make sense. Um, use an app for grammar.

Those are important things to hear. And um, Brenae Brown, uh, did the interview once that I listened to and I found it really effective and helping me with this. She talks about how in the arena, and she's got a famous quote, um, that I will butcher if I try to say it now. So look her up. Renee Brown's daring greatly, but she says in the arena, there's a lot of cheap seats. There's more cheap seats in an arena than there are like front row. And the people in the cheap seats can scream the loudest, but they're, they're not even giving you the full value that you're worth. And yet they're giving you their full opinion.

They don't know all the ins and outs of why you're doing what you're doing. And so you really have to be clear on who the front row people are and really distance yourself and close your ears off to those cheap seats, whether their stuff is good or bad. Um, you know, it can be on a bad day, I can see a thumbs down on something and go, what? Why don't you like that teaser? That's how you do the teaser. But, um, I don't know who that person is. And so it doesn't matter why they didn't like it. It only matters that I liked what I put out and that the people who mattered to me most liked what I put out. Or if they didn't, what do they have to say?

So I can make my stuff better. So I highly recommend that you take the time to figure out why you're doing what you're doing. Write it down somewhere where you can see it, and then write down all the things you wish you were doing with your time and put all of those in your schedule and then figure out what your teaching schedule is. When do those clients get, um, to be in your life? And you are the only one who can control that. I mean, no one knows what my schedule is, only I do. And so it's up to you whether you want to say yes when you should be saying no, but I have this time. Um, your schedule might look completely different. I do love potties five days a week. It feels good to me.

You might like it twice a week and that's fine too. You might like to go hiking or crossfitting or whatever you like, but make sure that's in there because you will start to resent and grow tired really quickly. And if you don't, and then talk to those people who matter to you most, who give you compliments when they're due and also keep you fresh on what you're doing and, and let them know that that matters to you. Write their names down so that if something goes away, you didn't want it and you have all these posts and comments that are making you question what you're doing. You can look at who those names aren't. If you don't see those names and it doesn't matter, it can just go on and you know, someone else's posts will come up next time. So it does, it doesn't last that long. And then if all else fails, a good Korean spa, you know, and some Tequila.

I happen to like that and, and uh, and start again the next day.


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Lesley, this is so refreshing! I especially loved your point about the 'cheap seats' screaming the loudest and the importance of who you choose to have in your 'front row'!
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Excellent advice!!!
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Yes!!! Thanks for your wisdom Lesley. This is such an important message for all Pilates teachers.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very good advice 😊
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Thank you for your Helpfull advice Lesley
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Sarah thank you for watching! I remind myself often who is in my front rows. So happy you liked that part! xx~LL
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Traci thank you! xx
Trina yes, instructors for sure!! xx~LL
Jackie thank you for watching and I am so glad you liked it! xx~LL
Roberta my pleasure! Thank you for watching and your comment xx~LL
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