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Taking Time For Yourself

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It's exciting when you get new clients and fill your schedule, but you also have to remember to take time for yourself so you don't burnout. In this quick tutorial, Lesley Logan shares what she does to optimize her schedule so she can do what makes her happy in addition to teaching Pilates. She also talks about whose feedback and criticism you should take to heart so you don't overwork trying to please everyone.

If you would like to learn more tips about taking time for yourself, you can read Lesley's blog.
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Sep 15, 2017
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Hi, I'm Leslie Logan and I'm excited to talk to you about self care. Um, when I first became a Palladio's instructor, it was something that I became very aware of really quickly. It's ...

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 6: Self Care Tips


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Lesley, this is so refreshing! I especially loved your point about the 'cheap seats' screaming the loudest and the importance of who you choose to have in your 'front row'!
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Excellent advice!!!
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Yes!!! Thanks for your wisdom Lesley. This is such an important message for all Pilates teachers.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very good advice 😊
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Thank you for your Helpfull advice Lesley
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Sarah thank you for watching! I remind myself often who is in my front rows. So happy you liked that part! xx~LL
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Traci thank you! xx
Trina yes, instructors for sure!! xx~LL
Jackie thank you for watching and I am so glad you liked it! xx~LL
Roberta my pleasure! Thank you for watching and your comment xx~LL
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