Tutorial #3193

Short Box on Barrels

15 min - Tutorial


See how you can do the same set of exercises on different pieces of apparatus with this tutorial by Dana Santi. She goes through the entire Short Box Series and a few other exercises on the Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector to inspire you to use these pieces of apparatus for more than one exercise. You will be able to see how you can adapt the exercise depending on what you have available so you can incorporate the full method into your routine.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector

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Oct 06, 2017
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi and today we are going to play with the ladder barrel and the spine correcter. I am lucky enough to be joined by the ever-so-lovely Kathi Ross-Nash, and this came about... be...

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OMG. That was amazing! Thank you!!!
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I'm headed to the barrels! Loved it...Thank you!
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Love ❤️
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Wonderful sequence! Thank you!
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Great stuff! Love the spine stretch forward on the Ladder Barrel!!
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WOW! I loved this tutorial, the adaptation to the spine corrector. Thank you!
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It was amazing!
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That was so much fun!! Thank you for attention to cueing!:)
10.00.... Perfect Score for both of you!!

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