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Teaching Presence

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Whether it's a private session or a huge group class, how do you command the space when you teach? In this quick tutorial, Troy McCarty brings over 30 years of experience to share tips that will help you teach successfully. He tells us how the work he did with a newscaster to prepare for filming with Pilates Anytime was also relevant to his studio. By working on word choice, talking to a camera, holding attention, and more, he was able to teach his clients so they want to come back!
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Dec 03, 2017
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Hi, I'm Troy McCarty. I've been teaching now for about over probably 34, 35 years, and I have my studios in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm gonna talk to you today about filming. So it's been a real honor to com...

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 5: Teaching Tools

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Dec 03, 2017
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Teaching Presence
Troy McCarty
10 min
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Such great advice Troy for a new starter or experienced instructor. It's everything necessary to be a great instructor. It should be assimilated by everyone into their practice.
Thank you for such great advice, Troy! I am from Cleveland, currently living in Orange County. I will be moving back to Cleveland next year. Hope we can connect, I love all of your videos on here. So detailed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge
Hi Troy from the UK. I enjoyed this thank you. I've been a teacher in HIgher Education for many years and have been doing Pilates myself for about 6 years. I recently qualified as a teacher. I agree that owning the space is important in any teaching situation, and part of this comes through confidence. Also I agree that the value of silence is crucial, particularly when just allowing clients to focus on their breath, or just find peace in their busy schedule. The visuals too are really important for both client and teacher. Often when I'm teaching and my class are in 'harmony' I often think 'I wish I had a camera right now', but I do tell they all look beautiful!! Best wishes, Sarah
Thank you Troy, that was very heartfelt and informative. I really needed this.
Denee Thanks Denee I appreciate you watching and letting me know.
Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull thanks for watching my video!!
Steven Hi Steven- thanks for watching my video. Remember what makes Pilates is you and your student. Give them a connection!!
Thanks for the excellent suggestions Troy. Much appreciated.
Patty Hafen Thanks Patty. I hope you will check out some of my other classes on PA.
Hi Troy I opened my studio 5 yrs ago and found your advice to be encouraging and aligns with my own teaching method. Thanks for sharing:)
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