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Congratulations on making a commitment to yourself to show up! In this video, Meredith goes over what props you will need for this challenge so you are prepared for your practice. She also gives a recommendation for how many days per week you should aim to practice so you can be successful in your journey to self-care.
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Dec 26, 2017
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Welcome to the 10 Day Return to You Mat Work Challenge. If you're watching this video right now, it means you've made a commitment to yourself to show up, and I'm excited to have you along on this journey with me. So here are some tips for success. Number one, I've included some props in some of the classes. So some of the things that you'll need are, first of all, a Pilates mat.

You could use really any mat, but if you're working on a hard surface, it's nice to have a mat that's a little bit thicker because we will be doing some rolling work and it's nice to have some protection for your bones. Next, we have a fitness circle or a magic circle. So we'll be using this to highlight breath and just for some variety. We also have a pair of small weights. We'll use the weights in one of the classes.

I wouldn't go heavier than three pounds. Two is perfect. One is great. You can also use zero. But I will include some hand weights in one of the classes.

We have a TheraBand here. All TheraBands are a little different. Some are a little thicker than others, but you want to make sure that you have a nice new one that will offer you plenty of support. And lastly, we have a fitness ball. A 55-inch or a 65-inch fitness ball is appropriate.

You want one that feels comfortable to you, one that fits your body. 55 is about perfect for me. I'm about 5'6". If you don't have any of these props, they're all very easy to find online, but let's gather them now before the challenge starts so we're ready to commit to our self-care. This 10 Day Challenge will offer classes that are creative and fun, but vary in difficulty.

So if you need to modify for yourself, feel free to. If you don't know how to modify for yourself, please write to me and ask. I'm looking forward to going on this journey with you. I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback and sharing space and time with you. It's important that once you've decided to make this commitment that you find a space to do so.

A quiet space away from distraction, away from noise, where you can really come in and be here with your practice with me. And what about timing? I'm gonna recommend that we try to do three classes per week. Can we commit to that? That's about every other day in a work week and we have the weekends as extra days, too.

So, if we do that, then we could make it through this challenge in a month. But the most important thing is to just show up. Come with a positive attitude. Come ready to work hard. Come ready to play hard.

And most of all, just come ready to be here now. So thank you for joining me. Let's get started.

Return to You Challenge: with Meredith Rogers


Excited! Looking forward to starting tomorrow
Thanks for being here!
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I did the first video yesterday and I absolutely loved it. Looking forward to the next part.
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Yay! Let's BE. HERE. NOW!
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Thank you!
I'm so excited that we are ALL showing up!
Kristi and I are old friends...I am so glad to be here!
HI Meredith ... starting the challenging today ... I sooo need this ... thanks a lot
HI Meredith ... starting the challenging today ... I sooo need this ... thanks a lot
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I am enjoying this all so much. I am now in a groove with when I do the workouts, so there is a regular schedule. A few family members are eyeing the program for themselves...
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