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The Sickle Foot

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What is a sickled foot? In this tutorial, Diane Severino explains this alignment issue and why we should avoid it. Whether you are a dancer or not, pointing the feet correctly will help you strengthen the outside of your ankles and create a better line.
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Jul 06, 2018
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I'm going to go over something called the sickle foot, which I am not a fan of. I see nowadays I'm going to get my feet in the straps so I don't make those too boring. I'm seeing a lot of doing a woman to get my feelings doing away of the pointed foot with the feet in the straps. There's pointed for right? Seeing everything and too many exercises being done in a flex foot.

All right? It's perfectly fine. The point without the sickle or show you a circle means the toes or higher than the heels puts undue stress on the kneecap. You're also going to weaken your ankle. The outside of the ankle. The heels are higher than the toes. He my toes higher than the heels.

You'll find that strengthening on the outside. All right? Same thing when we take this diamond shape, you know these diamond pull downs, I see this a lot. If they're trying to point in new students, but don't teach in flux, challenge them you, it'll really straighten they, they're going to resist, but remember, don't let the inmates run the asylum. You're the teachers. They start cramping. That's just because the muscles are not used to being worked in the point. All right, there's a sickle. Now look how it breaks the line, right?

Unless it's choreographed. Even if we did one leg at a time, right? The heel is higher than the toe. All right? You have to tell everybody what's a sickle. Oh, what is that ugly pretty? Now you're getting all the way that outside connection.

I'm going to take my feet out and I'm going to sit up. Alrighty then. All right. If you've seen ballerinas do this, when they do, when they're standing and they take it out to the side, what are they doing? The holding the inside of their heel to bring that leg up, right? You wouldn't see a Ballerina Dune. Then there's a sick foyer.

Heel is higher than the toe. You're gonna put a shot, glass it to killer on that, and it wouldn't spill toe higher than the heel and, and [inaudible] heel higher than the toe and n shout at us. Sheila, do you did that? Sickled he'd spill all of that. A Garvey on your lap. Ninan no, no, no. Now there's Arabesques. Yeah, so you see sit in a seated forth and you wanted to lift Juni you wouldn't lift. Okay.

There's the toe. No, you would lift from there. You're trying to keep in this position. You dancers the foot from sickling when you go into arabesque behind you. All right? You wouldn't let the, I don't even know how the hell you do or that helped with my try not to go to the floor. It's slide your ankle bone as you first arabesque.

There's a that we'd go the opposite direction up. [inaudible] back and N. Okay. He'll hire. If I was doing, maybe I can do it this way. This was a pretend them on the floor. I want to stabilize my machine. This was a, you can do an this like and traction is all easier.

Here's the heels higher than the toes. As you stretch out, you're trying to let the heels beat the toes. Then you point squeeze the butt flex, squeeze the butt, heels as high as you can get them immediately. That increases your turnout, heals around the air points, squeeze the button, flex, squeeze, but heels high in the air. That's been help you work that sickle, so you get your muscles strong on the out side of your ankle. It's a little more challenging if you back straight C, I'm trying to race. Get the wrinkles out of the heels and point squeeze spot flex.

Squeeze my toes down. Hills high. That'll open those hips up. Oh, race is the race. The heels are beating the toes to go out. First point, squeeze the button, flex, squeeze a button and an app. One final thing. [inaudible] well, hang on here. What are you doing? Bounces to the front, right?

[inaudible] you never ever want to tug on your toes because it's what? It's a sickle. You hold onto your ankles to bring you forward. Don't fight your toenails. Isn't that good for you right now, the heel is in line with the foot. Of course, if it was pointed, there's the heel elevated and eight cancel with four, five, six, seven, eight. Rock back onto straight and tall to three.

See how the feet are in line with the name you did? Well, kids signing off.

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Angelika G
5 people like this.
I absolutely love this Lady!
3 people like this.
Could this woman be any better? Sharp, intelligent with a wicked sense of humor!
1 person likes this.
Thanks so much Diane.
2 people like this.
"Do not let the inmates run the asylum". Love that! Especially since I'm an inmate.
1 person likes this.
My body is made in another world. It is a symphony, but ...
Thank you, Master.
I’m not sure I get the cue heel is higher than the toe. The toes are still above the heel. Please explain
Christie K
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Diane- please keep them coming! I really enjoy your entertaining insight and instruction. You are one of a kind!
Colette C
I love this! And her style of saying it!!!!
Diane Diefenderfer
Well done Diva Diane!!! Instead of the proverbial "cup of tea" on the turned out heel......I think I'll use the Tequila shot!!! Love you!
1 person likes this.
Literally the best thing I've ever seen.
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