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The Sickle Foot

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What is a sickled foot? In this tutorial, Diane Severino explains this alignment issue and why we should avoid it. Whether you are a dancer or not, pointing the feet correctly will help you strengthen the outside of your ankles and create a better line.
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Jul 06, 2018
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I'm going to go over something called the sickle foot, which I am not a fan of. I see nowadays I'm going to get my feet in the straps so I don't make those too boring. I'm seeing a lot of doing a woma...

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I absolutely love this Lady!
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Could this woman be any better? Sharp, intelligent with a wicked sense of humor!
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Thanks so much Diane.
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"Do not let the inmates run the asylum". Love that! Especially since I'm an inmate.
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My body is made in another world. It is a symphony, but ...
Thank you, Master.
I’m not sure I get the cue heel is higher than the toe. The toes are still above the heel. Please explain
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Diane- please keep them coming! I really enjoy your entertaining insight and instruction. You are one of a kind!
I love this! And her style of saying it!!!!
Well done Diva Diane!!! Instead of the proverbial "cup of tea" on the turned out heel......I think I'll use the Tequila shot!!! Love you!
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Literally the best thing I've ever seen.

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